Welcome to My Photographic Memory

IMG_7991Hello and welcome to My Photographic Memory!  My name in Analyse.  I’ve had a passion for photography for years and now I’m trying to turn that passion into a job!

Those who know me at all know that I never travel anywhere without my camera on hand.  A look at my Facebook album reveals that I can easily take 2,000 pictures of a single weekend event, and that’s when I hold back.  I love being able to capture life’s beauty and preserve memories through my photography.  Now I want to be able to share my passion for memorieIMG_7887s with you!

I have worked in portrait photography for several years on an amateur level, doing small shoots as well as a little advertising and travel based photography.

IMG_7811I firmly believe in getting to know the people I do photo sessions for, their interests and their personality prior to beginning a shoot.  By catering to who each individual client is I am better able to create an experience that truly speaks to the individual and provide photographs uniquely associated with them.


Here are some examples of my most recent work.  Meet Alyssa, my little sister.  On May 19, 2014 she graduated Cum Laude from Wake Forest University with a BA in Psychology.  Next fall she’ll be attending my Alma Mater, UNCG, to obtain her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.  If you couldn’t already tell she loves Harry Potter and is a self proclaimed tree hugger.   These photos were taken on site at Wake Forest University where she worked tirelessly for the past 4 years to obtain her degree.  Prior to the shoot I sat down with her and asked if there were any special places on campus that she loved and these photos were the result.



IMG_7892 Alyssa joined ΑΦΩ – ΚΤ Chapter, the Wake Forest University affiliate of the National Service Fraternity her freshman year.  So it was only natural to take photos at the fraternity’s lounge.

IMG_7933 Alyssa also fell in love with the swings located throughout the campus and taught me that each swing is engraved with a single word, some of which include Mood, Freedom and Responsibility.  The next photo was taken at Green Hall, Alyssa’s second home on campus where she attended the vast majority of her classes.  These places are uniquely personal to her own journey though undergrad.

IMG_7965Attached to these photos are  stories, both familiar and unfamiliar to me.   What means so much to me is that each time she looks at her Senior Photos she’ll be able to recall those memories to mind, reliving her own Photographic Memories.

With Love,


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Creating memories one photo at a time.